Opera FEA Simulation Software


Reinhold Zwingel, Continental

Machines for Electric Vehicles


Colin Ribton, TWI

Design of electron beam guns using evolutionary algorithms and finite element modelling


Yiren Wang, The University of Manchester

Finite element modelling of high frequency gap loss in nanocrystalline inductor cores in Opera-3d


Stephen M. Elliott and Elizabeth K. White, Thin Film Consulting

Simulation of a spherical pierce electron gun with real time python analysis data extraction

 S U C C E S S F U L     O P E R A     C U S T O M E R S

George Gammel, Varian

'Friendly and attractive user interface. Great customer support.'

Dr. Bassam Hitti, TRIUMF, Canada

'Opera gives me the tools and confidence to design electromagnetic field devices that work.'

Heeju Choi, Electron Energy Corporation

'Incredible meshing features. I am very satisfied with Opera software.'