About Opera Simulation Software


Opera is the ultimate electromagnetic-led multiphysics design automation tool: it helps deliver design excellence on time, regardless of whether you are a small enterprise or large corporation. Fast, accurate and cost-effective, Opera is a general-purpose multiphysics finite element software suite, for product analysis, design and optimization.

In continuous development since 1984, Opera is the key toolset of choice in industrial and scientific applications throughout the world.

Opera provides accurate numerical solutions to real-world problems in:

Opera’s wide range of supporting capabilities to deliver¬†accurate models include:

  • Moving parts
  • Transient fields
  • Non-linear materials
  • Hysteretic magnet materials
  • Lossy dielectrics
  • External circuits
  • System engineering
  • Device Optimization

We also offer specialist options for examining specific conditions in more detail including:

More information on many of the above can be found in our Validation Studies or Technical Papers sections of the site, or use the site search facility to check for relevant articles.

Contact us for more information on the application of interest, or download the Opera Brochure.