Webinar: Optimize the design of your induction machine

In this webinar, we looked at different Opera capabilities that allow the full simulation and design of induction machines. We will discussed the latest advances in the model definition and solver technology which speed-up the process of analyzing and optimizing this machine type. The induction machine is the most widely used type of electrical machine. [...] Posted in Induction Machines,Motors

Webinar: Multi-physics simulations for industrial applications using Opera-3d

Date: 26th April 2017 Time: 3.00 pm BST Duration: 30 mins approx In this webinar we demonstrate several multi-physics cases and show Opera-3d's capabilities for industrial applications. We present several models including a beam defining mask for proton accelerator, an induction heating bath for melting solid conducting materials, a superconducting coil system and associated support and cooling, as [...] Posted in Induction Welding

Webinar: Simulation of Lightning protection

In this webinar we presented techniques and examples of numerical simulation of the effects of lightning strike, considering the roles of static, harmonic and transient modelling. We demonstrated how simulation can augment testing to help hardware manufacturers meet lightning protection specifications efficiently and reliably. The ability to ensure that structures and electronic systems are protected [...] Posted in General

Webinar: Linear machines and actuators design with Opera-3d

In this webinar, we discussed efficient modelling techniques for linear motors and actuators. We covered important topics such as the non-linear magnetic behaviour of materials, mechanically coupled motion, multi-physics simulations and explored the benefits of the Opera software in the design and simulation of these devices. We also addressed co-simulation with circuit and parametrization and optimization, [...] Posted in Linear Motion,Motors
shields + m4 field

Webinar: Optimization and inverse modelling in MRI shielding applications

In this webinar, we will show the benefits Opera Optimizer offers when used in conjunction with magnetostatic analysis for MRI shielding applications. We'll also demonstrate the benefits of the new “thin plate” boundary condition, which increases efficiency without compromising accuracy, and how Opera provides the ability for shielded room designers to customize the Modeller and [...] Posted in Magnets,MRI / NMR Magnets

Webinar: Multiphysics and tracking in Radio Frequency fields

This webinar concentrated on the  simulation of particle accelerators, analysing Opera's capabilities in the design and analysis of RF and charged particle systems, and in multi-physics. We will look at, for example, where RF and beam power deposition increase component temperatures, with consequent stress and deformation. Although this webinar was based on simulating the components [...] Posted in Charged Particle Devices,Electron Beam Guns,Ion Beam Sources,Linear Beam Tubes,Particle Beam Therapy,Space Charge Ion Beam Compensation
transformer on Open Circuit

Webinar: Optimizing transformer design with Opera

This webinar looked at the tools that Opera has to offer allowing optimal designs of transformers, providing an understanding of how you can save experimented engineering-design man hours, increase design capacity, reduce delivery cycle and optimize the use of materials. Transformers are regarded as critical components in power systems. Market globalization has led to the necessity of being increasingly [...] Posted in Transformers

Webinar: Optimal design of axial flux machines using Opera

This webinar looked at the tools Opera provides to help designers of axial flux machines create optimal designs in the shortest possible time. Opera offers the tools for the full characterisation of axial flux machines and for the optimization of their design, in order to help machine designers achieve best possible performance, making virtual prototyping the [...] Posted in General
Signatures webinar July 2016 pic 1

Webinar: Recent advances in simulation of naval vessel signatures using Opera

For a naval vessel, mitigation of electric and magnetic field signatures is an essential part of the design process. Used widely for many years as a simulation tool for both un-degaussed and degaussed signature assessment, Opera shows high levels of accuracy in validation exercises and flexibility in optimizing positions of degaussing coils. In addition, models created […]

Posted in General
Thermal analysis from losses

Webinar: Loss Calculations in Electrical Machines

Accurate evaluation of power losses in electrical machines is a critical element of the design process. Whether used to determine the efficiency of a configuration, or to inform required cooling strategies, precise loss evaluation needs to be included from the initial stages of design. Two major contributors to loss are due to electromagnetic effects, namely […]

Posted in Motors
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