• PM undulator

    Accelerator Insertion Devices

  • null


  • Current density in sea for +500 A impressed current

    Cathodic Protection

  • null

    Electrical Machines

  • groove and electron tracks

    Electron Microscopy

  • EMC study on electrified railway line


  • null

    Fault Current Limiters

  • null

    Fusion Reactors

  • induction-heating

    Induction Heating

  • null


  • Bushing with lossy dielectric

    Insulation and Grounding

  • null

    Ion Thrusters

  • null

    Ion Beam Sources

  • surface current density from direct lightnng strike on a test vehicle

    Lightning Threat Analysis

  • null

    Magnetic Gearing

  • magnetic separator

    Magnetic Separators

  • null

    Magnetic Signatures

  • Sputter Deposition Profile

    Magnetron Sputtering

  • null

    Microwave Tubes

  • Figure 1: Coil set over crack showing eddy currents flowing in surface

    Non-Destructive Testing/Evaluation

  • null

    NMR/MRI Devices

  • null

    Particle Accelerators

  • null

    Permanent Magnet Design

  • null

    Proton Beam Therapy Devices

  • null


  • null

    RF Cavity Design

  • null

    Shielding Design

  • null

    Superconducting Devices

  • transformer on Open Circuit


  • null


  • x-ray tube filament beam trajectories

    X-Ray Devices

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