Insertion Devices

SC undulator

A superconducting magnet undulator, courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory.

Wigglers, Undulators and other multi-period magnets devices

OPERA has been used extensively to design and characterize multi-period magnet system insertion devices. The software can be used for single period and for the full length of the device. Analysis can include field harmonics and the tracking of charged particle beams through the device.


  • PM wigglers and undulators
  • Hybrid wigglers and undulators
  • Spiral undulators
  • Superconducting undulators

Using Opera’s finite element method it is easy to study a unit cell of a periodic magnet system and then extend the model to represent a realistic device with many cells, including the input and output sections which may be designed for optimal beam entrance and exit.

PM undulator

Permanent magnet undulator example, with particle tracking

In the Permanent Magnet Undulator example shown the entry and exit cells have not been optimized but this can be achieved easily using Opera.

Prediction of both magnetic fields and particle tracking are extremely accurate, which is why Opera is widely used by the scientific community for designing and optimizing multi-period magnet systems.

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