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Engineers and designers tell their Opera stories

In this short video a range of engineers and designers from companies such as CERN, Romax Technology and Tokamak Energy describe their experience of using Opera FEA Simulation Software, and how it has helped solve their challenges and make their designs as accurate as possible. Explore our Technical FAQ for simulation answers Posted in Charged Particle Devices,Electron Beam Guns,General,Magnets,Motors,Transformer Design Software

Stephen M. Elliott of Thin Film Consulting discusses his use of Opera FEA

In this short video Stephen M. Elliott of Thin Film Consulting discusses his use of Opera FEA Simulation Software over his distinguished career. During his career, Stephen M. Elliott has worked on the development of very high voltage generators, ion beam sources, electron guns, linear accelerators, field effect emitting devices, pulsed high current systems, magnetron [...] Posted in Charged Particle Devices,Electron Beam Guns,General,Plasma Discharge,X-Ray Tubes

EUGM 2017: Simulation of a Pierce Electron Gun with a Maxwell Random Velocity Sampling Emission Model

Presenters: Stephen M. Elliott and Elizabeth K. White, Thin Film Consulting Abstract: We performed validation of a 3d Opera Space Charge simulation of a spherical Pierce gun using the Opera Maxwell Random Velocity Sampling emission model.  Of particular interest is the potential minimum near the space charge limited cathode surface.  We validated the simulation by [...] Posted in Electron Beam Guns,General

EUGM 2017: Design of electron beam guns using evolutionary algorithms and finite element modelling

Presenter: Colin Ribton, TWI Abstract: Electron beams are used in many different industrial, medical and scientific applications. Each area has many specific requirements that can only be met with bespoke gun designs producing beams with the required intensity, brightness and divergence for the application. Usually, tentative electron gun designs are produced, simulated using modelling software […]

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Webinar: Multiphysics and tracking in Radio Frequency fields

This webinar concentrated on the  simulation of particle accelerators, analysing Opera's capabilities in the design and analysis of RF and charged particle systems, and in multi-physics. We will look at, for example, where RF and beam power deposition increase component temperatures, with consequent stress and deformation. Although this webinar was based on simulating the components [...] Posted in Charged Particle Devices,Electron Beam Guns,Ion Beam Sources,Linear Beam Tubes,Particle Beam Therapy,Space Charge Ion Beam Compensation

Effect of transverse magnetic fields on a simulated in-line 6 MV linac

Authors: Aubin J.St., Steciw S., Fallone B.G. Department of Physics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada Abstract: The effects of a transversemagnetic field on an in-line side-coupled 6MVlinear accelerator are given. The results are directly applicable to a linac–MR system used for real-time image guided adaptive radiotherapy. Our previously designed end-to-end linac simulation incorporated the results […]

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