Electron & Ion Beam Lithography

Simulation of ion beam devices using Opera FEA – 10 minute video overview

The Charged Particle Module calculates the interaction of charged particles in electrostatic and magnetostatic fields. Using the FE method to solve Maxwell’s equations for the steady-state case in a discretized model, it provides a self-consistent solution including the effects of space-charge, self-magnetic fields and relativistic motion. Applications include the design of X-ray tubes, electron guns [...] Posted in Charged Particle Devices,Electron & Ion Beam Lithography,Ion Beam Sources

Electromagnetic, thermal and stress analyses of RF components in Opera-3d

Introduction Many high frequency devices operate at high power, and material losses can lead to significant rise in temperature if left unchecked. In such devices, it is important to know the temperature distribution to determine the performance impact of changes in dimensions and material properties, to ensure that the permitted maximum operating temperature and stresses […]

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Simulating Charged-Particle Sources and Beams IOP Webinar

From electron lithography to ion sources to field-tip emitters for flat-screen displays, the modelling of charged particle devices is critical in ensuring optimum efficiency and performance. This webinar discusses the modelling of space-charge-limited emission and particle tracking using the Opera software suite.

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