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Using Opera for Fusion Energy Applications

In this webinar we showed examples of fusion design calculations using Opera, and demonstrated features of Opera which help users create and analyse fusion simulations and models easily. These include simulating plasma disruptions and motion, where the plasma current decays and / or the plasma moves within the vacuum vessel is important for safety. We'll [...] Posted in Magnets,Plasma Discharge

Stephen M. Elliott of Thin Film Consulting discusses his use of Opera FEA

In this short video Stephen M. Elliott of Thin Film Consulting discusses his use of Opera FEA Simulation Software over his distinguished career. During his career, Stephen M. Elliott has worked on the development of very high voltage generators, ion beam sources, electron guns, linear accelerators, field effect emitting devices, pulsed high current systems, magnetron [...] Posted in Charged Particle Devices,Electron Beam Guns,General,Plasma Discharge,X-Ray Tubes

Development of a Methodology for Numerical Simulation of a DC ARC Discharge in a Liquid Dielectric

Authors: Christopher James Lewis Brigham Young University – Provo All Theses and Dissertations. Paper 2394 Abstract: The majority of literature regarding the numerical simulation of arc discharges in gaseous environments has used a plasma physics approach. Virtually all simulations treat the discharge as an idealized gaseous plasma, which can be described by temperature, pressure, and […]

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