X-Ray Tubes

How to design for x-ray tube

In this blog we will look at the utility of the Opera simulation environment for the simulation of X‑ray tubes. Firstly, we will concentrate on their operation and design parameters, and the requirements that these place on tools used in their design. We’ll follow this with look at the capability of Opera to meet these [...] Posted in How to...,X-Ray Tubes

X-ray tube simulation webinar

This webinar reviewed the requirements of common types of X-ray tube, and looked at how the capabilities of Opera help designers meet the required characteristics of the electron beam and to optimize designs. We considered a range of phenomena and physical effects, including generation and focussing of the beam, and deposition of the beam energy [...] Posted in X-Ray Tubes

Stephen M. Elliott of Thin Film Consulting discusses his use of Opera FEA

In this short video Stephen M. Elliott of Thin Film Consulting discusses his use of Opera FEA Simulation Software over his distinguished career. During his career, Stephen M. Elliott has worked on the development of very high voltage generators, ion beam sources, electron guns, linear accelerators, field effect emitting devices, pulsed high current systems, magnetron [...] Posted in Charged Particle Devices,Electron Beam Guns,General,Plasma Discharge,X-Ray Tubes

Electromagnetic modeling package speeds design of active electron optic X-ray tubes for Philips Medical Systems

The three-dimensional version of Vector Fields’ specialized electromagnetic modeling algorithm for charged particle beams is playing a key role in the development cycle of Philips Medical Systems’ first commercial X-ray imaging systems with ‘active optics’. Active beam technology supports dynamic focusing and positioning of the electron beam during investigation procedures, greatly improving the resolution and […]

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