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How to simulate industrial designs for multi-physics applications

Opera is a suite of multi-physics analysis programs that includes electromagnetics, stress and thermal analysis. To highlight the main points that make it suitable for industrial designs: Opera includes an easy-to-use 3D Modeller, allowing models to be created or imported -in a wide variety of standard CAD formats; Scripting in the Modeller makes it a [...] Posted in Charged Particle Devices,CPD Papers,How to...,Induction Welding

Transient Electromagnetic Analysis of Selected Blanket Modules of the ITER Blanket System Due to Plasma Disruption

Authors: J.D. Kotulski, R.S. Coats, and M. A. Ulrickson Sandia National Laboratories, PO Box 5800, MS 1152, Albuquerque, NM 87185, USA Abstract The prediction of electromagnetic loads on the ITER blanket modules during a plasma disruption is considered for two different blanket modules and different disruption events. The key features of the analysis procedure will […]

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A comparative study of PPM and solenoid focusing in multibeam electron gun

Authors: Ashok Kumar Nehra1, R K Sharma, and Y Choyal Microwave Tubes Division, CEERI Pilani / School of Physics, Devi Ahilya University Abstract This paper represents the comparison of periodic permanent magnet (PPM) and solenoid focusing for dual anode multi-beam electron gun using OPERA3D code. The electron gun has been operated at 6 kV having […]

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Future thruster application: combination of numerical simulation of ECR zone and plasma X-ray Bremsstrahlung measurement of the SWISSCASE ECR ion source

Authors: M. Bodendorfer, K. Altwegg, P. Wurz, H. Shea University of Bern / EPFL Abstract We present the combination of the numerical 3D magnetic field simulation of SWISSCASE, the new 10 GHz ECR ion source at the University of Bern in Switzerland, and the experimental X-ray Bremsstrahlung measurement of the same ion source, to determine […]

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Single Particle Tracking Simulation for a Compact Cyclotron

Authors H.W. Kim, Y. S. Lee, B. N. Lee, K. R. Nam, H. S. Song, J. S. Chai Abstract Low energy compact cyclotrons are needed for the production of radioactive isotopes. To develop a radio isotopes producing system for Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Sungkyunkwan University has started to design the system of compact cyclotron in […]

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Development of a compact superconducting rotating-gantry for heavy-ion therapy

Authors Yoshiyuki IWATA, K. NODA, T. MURAKAMI, T. SHIRAI, T. FURUKAWA, T. FUJITA, S. MORI, S. SATO, K. MIZUSHIMA, K. SHOUDA, T. FUJIMOTO, H. ARAI, T. OGITSU, T. OBANA, N. AMEMIYA, T. ORIKASA, S. TAKAMI and S. TAKAYAMA NIRS, AEC, Kyoto Univ, KEK, NIFS, Toshiba Corp. Abstract An isocentric superconducting rotating-gantry for heavy-ion therapy is […]

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Upgrade of the LNS Superconducting Cyclotron

Author A. Calanna, L. Calabretta, D. Rifuggiato, G. Cuttone, G. D’Agostino, M. Maggiore, A. Radovinsky Abstract The INFN-LNS Superconducting Cyclotron (CS) has been working for about 20 years delivering ion beams from protons to gold in the wide energy range from 10 A MeV to 80 A MeV. The beam extraction is presently accomplished by […]

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Status of RFI Linac Prototype

Authors D.A. Swenson, W.J. Starling Abstract A prototype of the Rf Focused Interdigital (RFI) linac structure is currently under construction at Linac Systems. The RFI linac structure is basically an interdigital (or Widerˆe) linac structure with rf quadrupole focusing incorporated into each drift tube. The 200-MHz RFI Prototype, consisting of a short RFQ linac followed […]

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