Focusing Magnets

Focussing Magnets for Drift Tube Linac

Authors: Vikas Teotia , Sanjay Malhotra , Kumud Singh , U.Mahapatra , S.Bhattacharya , G.P.Srivastava2 Shweta Roy , Piyush Jain , P. Singh and S. Kailas Abstract: A linear accelerator comprising of Radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) and drift tube linac (DTL) is being developed at BARC. The Alvarez type CW DTL accelerates protons from energy […]

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Optimizing a Quadrupole Magnet

In this example the Optimizer is used with Opera-3d to optimize the performance of a quadrupole magnet used in charged particle beam lines. Auto-optimisation tools are not new, but they usually require manual intervention if a globally-optimal solution is to be found. And simulation times often make such a process impractical. A new tool – […]

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