Superconducting Magnets

How to simulate superconducting corrector coils in accelerator magnets

By Chris Riley  Welcome to this blog on modelling superconducting corrector coils with OperaFEA simulation software. We will start with a little bit of history.  The Opera software has links back to the Rutherford laboratory’s Computer Applications Group that began developing computer methods for the design of particle accelerator magnets in the late 1960s. The [...] Posted in Accelerator Magnets,Confinement Coils,Gradient Coils,How to...,Superconducting Magnets,Superconductivity Papers

Webinar: Superconducting corrector coils in accelerator magnets

In this webinar we demonstrated a model to correct a quadrupole magnet that includes a manufacturing error.  We showed how Opera’s coupled transient electromagnetic and circuit simulation can be used to model both ramping up and stable operation. We examined various configurations of the coil and demonstrated the importance of minimizing the effect of higher [...] Posted in Accelerator Magnets,Magnets,Superconducting Magnets