Superconducting Magnets

Particle accelerator systems design at HVE with Opera-3D

Presenter: Guillermo Dominguez, High Voltage Engineering Abstract: Opera-3D has proven to be a valuable design and optimization tool of particle accelerator systems which can presently go up to 6 million volts. We will present recent systems developed at HVE, examples where Opera-3D simulation package has helped improve/optimize the engineering, anticipating the major challenges while shortening [...] Posted in Magnets,Magnets Paper,Superconducting Magnets

Coupled simulation of 400 MHz elliptical cavity with Soprano and Static Stress Solver of Opera

Presenter: Anastasia Xydou, CERN Abstract: The LHC (RF) cavity is a metallic chamber which contains an oscillating electromagnetic field. The cavity is made of copper and the desired superconducting behavior is achieved by sputter-depositing its inner surface with a film of niobium (Nb) with a thickness of the order of 1 m. Each cavity is enveloped [...] Posted in Magnets,Magnets Paper,Superconducting Magnets

Chris Riley to speak at 5th IOP Superconductivity Summer School

Engineering Manager Chris Riley will speak at the 5th IOP Superconductivity School from 11-13 July 2018. This three-day summer school on superconductivity will deliver a brief introduction to superconducting materials and applications. The school is aimed primarily at postgraduate students but is also open to undergraduates, academics, engineers, consultants and other practitioners. Topics include: • [...] Posted in General,Superconducting Magnets

How to simulate superconducting corrector coils in accelerator magnets

By Chris Riley  Welcome to this blog on modelling superconducting corrector coils with OperaFEA simulation software. We will start with a little bit of history.  The Opera software has links back to the Rutherford laboratory’s Computer Applications Group that began developing computer methods for the design of particle accelerator magnets in the late 1960s. The [...] Posted in Accelerator Magnets,Confinement Coils,Gradient Coils,How to...,Superconducting Magnets,Superconductivity Papers