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How to design a linear machine

In this blog I will take a look at the design of linear machines, where advanced material models are being used in order to investigate the effects of hysteresis on the machine characteristic. Linear machines are electrical motors or generators which transform mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa, through the use of linear [...] Posted in How to...,Linear Motion,Motors,Motors Papers

Electro-mechanical System Analysis using Opera and RomaxDesigner

Presenter: Dr. Melanie Michon, Romax Technology Abstract: The design of integrated electrified drivelines requires a holistic electro-mechanical approach. However, often electrical and mechanical components are designed separately, and problems don’t occur until the complete system is assembled and tested. In particular NVH problems are often caused by interactions between the electrical and the mechanical sub-systems [...] Posted in General,Motors,Motors Papers

EUGM 2017: An alternative method of reaching a steady state operation point for electrical machines

Presenter: Florian Waldhart, Leitner Ropeways Abstract: A simulation of a steady state operation point is a main task for the simulation of electrical machines. Therefore, some methods will be presented which show the calculation procedure for getting such an operation point, starting with static simulations and ending up with different transient simulations. The main part of the [...] Posted in General,Motors,Motors Papers

IoT and the future of the automotive industry (part 2)

Ford is embracing the potential for new revenue models with FordPass and is manoeuvring itself to become part of its customer’s lives outside of the immediate context of the driving experience. The FordPass app already allows users to do things like pay for their parking in advance and request roadside assistance but IoT technology could [...] Posted in Motors,Motors Papers

A Transverse Flux High-Temperature Superconducting Generator Topology for Large Direct Drive Wind Turbines

Authors: Ozan Keysan, Markus A. Mueller Institute for Energy Systems, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH93JL, UK Abstract The cost and mass of an offshore wind turbine power-train can be reduced by using high-temperature superconducting generators, but for a successful commercial design the superconducting generator should be as reliable as its alternatives. In […]

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Modeling and Simulation of 0.5 HP Rotating Machine for the Investigation of Losses by Using Copper as Rotor Bar Material

Authors: I. Daut, N. Gomesh, Y. Yanawati, M. Irwanto, S. Nor Shafiqin, Y.M. Irwan Power Electronics and Electrical Machine Design Research Cluster School of Electrical Systems Engineering Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). Abstract In this paper, the 0.5HP three phase AC induction motor have been investigated and analyzed. Throughout this project, an induction motor is design […]

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Analysis of the Yokeless And Segmented Armature Machine

Authors Woolmer, T.J. Oxford Univ., Oxford McCulloch, M.D. Abstract This paper presents a new type of axial flux motor, the yokeless and segmented armature (YASA) topology. The YASA motor has no stator yoke, a high fill factor and short end windings which all increase torque density and efficiency of the machine. Thus, the topology is […]

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Eddy Current studies from the Undulator-Based positron source target wheel prototype

Authors I.R. Bailey, C. Brown, J.A. Clarke, J. Gronberg, L. Hagler, L.J. Jenner, T. Piggott, D.J. Scott, L. Zang Abstract The efficiency of future positron sources for the next generation of high-energy particle colliders (e.g. ILC, CLIC, LHeC) can be improved if the positron-production target is immersed in the magnetic field of adjacent capture optics. […]

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Eddy Current Heating in Large Salient Pole Generators

Authors – C.P.Riley and A.M. Michaelides Abstract — Pole face heating in large salient pole generators has been observed for many years, leading to high trailing edge temperatures and degredation of insulation. Electromagnetic 3D finite element based software including rotation coupled to thermal analysis has been recently developed, enabling the mechanisms causing the heating to […]

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