Brushless (BLDC, BLAC)

How to simulate brushless machines

By Nigel Atkinson This blog post will explain how to simulate brushless electrical machines using Opera. The analysis process will be described using a real motor as an example: the traction motor in the Toyota Prius 2004 model. The brushless machine is one of the most widely used electrical machines, covering all power ranges and [...] Posted in Brushless (BLDC, BLAC),How to...,Motors

Modelling Brushless Machines using Opera-3d Webinar

Test case: Toyota Prius electrical traction motor The webinar presents the typical use of the Finite Element (FE) Suite Opera-3d for analysing the performance of Brushless Permanent Magnet Machines. Brushless Machines are at the forefront of the move towards more electric drives in automotive, aerospace and industrial applications. The electrical motor used for traction in [...] Posted in Brushless (BLDC, BLAC)

Characterising lifecycle behaviour of permanent magnets is critical to emergent electrical machine applications

Permanent magnet materials are now being used in many designs of new electrical machine applications, and a lot of this equipment will be expected to have long lifecycles. If performance and lifecycle targets are to be met, then detailed characterisation at the design stage using advanced electromagnetic and multiphysics simulation technology will be critical.

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Advanced simulator speeds implementation of direct-drive electric motors in new automotive, marine and powergen applications

An innovative electromagnetic simulation tool is speeding the commercialization of a breakthrough direct-drive technology for electric vehicles by Magnomatics. The Opera simulator has been used by Magnomatics – a company that was set up to develop new forms of magnetic power transmission – to design a novel direct drive system that integrates a permanent magnet […]

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Opera software unit supplies electromagnetic design software to Siemens Wind Power, to help optimise generator designs

Ability to run 1000s of optimisation searches helps Siemens make breakthroughs such as permanent magnet generators. The Opera software business unit has been awarded a contract for its powerful electromagnetic design tool by Siemens Wind Power, a leading supplier of wind turbines for onshore, offshore and coastal sites. Fast and accurate electromagnetic simulation helps wind […]

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Innovative electromagnetic design tool for motors and generators is extended with new ready-to-use models and hysteresis solver

Provides ultra-fast design entry for powerful FEA electromagnetic simulation At CWIEME, The Opera Software business unit is releasing a new version of its Vector Fields Software tool for designing rotating electrical machinery. The electromagnetic simulation software combines the accuracy of virtual prototyping using finite-element analysis with a rapid front-end design tool that allows users to […]

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New modelling tool simplifies development of next-generation automotive power steering

A new magnetic hysteresis solver for electric motor and electromagnetic design has been released by Vector Fields. The tool’s ability to accurately characterise hysteresis effects provides a powerful means to optimise the performance and fidelity of new-generation electrically-assisted automotive power steering systems, and other high-performance actuators.

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Electromagnetic simulation advance helps electrical machinery designers to achieve ultimate efficiency

Vector Fields, has extended the accuracy of its Opera electromagnetic simulator for electrical machinery applications with a new finite-element hysteresis solver for soft magnetic materials. Believed to be unique, the new Hysteresis Solver provides designers of motors, generators and other electrical machinery with an accurate means of accounting for losses and predicting performance changes due […]

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