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How to design a linear machine

In this blog I will take a look at the design of linear machines, where advanced material models are being used in order to investigate the effects of hysteresis on the machine characteristic. Linear machines are electrical motors or generators which transform mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa, through the use of linear [...] Posted in How to...,Linear Motion,Motors,Motors Papers

Webinar: Linear machines and actuators design with Opera-3d

In this webinar, we discussed efficient modelling techniques for linear motors and actuators. We covered important topics such as the non-linear magnetic behaviour of materials, mechanically coupled motion, multi-physics simulations and explored the benefits of the Opera software in the design and simulation of these devices. We also addressed co-simulation with circuit and parametrization and optimization, [...] Posted in Linear Motion,Motors

Modeling and optimal design of a linear induction motor for railway system (in French)

Authors: Gong Jinlin Ecole Centrale de Lille, France, 2012 Abstract: This thesis focuses on studying the performance of the linear induction motor using the method of finite element analysis, and the optimal design on a time-costly model. The finite element method is used to study the performance of the linear induction motor. Firstly, the 2D […]

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Linear Synchronous Motor Control for an Urban MAGLEV

Authors: Doll D.W., Kratz R., Newman M.J., Plunkett A.B., Blevins R.D. General Atomics, San Diego, CA, USA Abstract: A new concept in Urban Maglev transportation design is in the testing phase. The vehicle uses permanent magnets (PM) for both the electro-dynamic suspension (EDS) and linear synchronous motor (LSM) propulsion. Because of the 3D coupled non-linear […]

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Simulating Electromechanical Actuators and Transducers Webinar

Electromechanical actuators rely on electromagnetic fields to produce attraction or repulsion that gives rise to motion. Similarly, electromechanical transducers produce a signal that is proportional to the change in the electromagnetic field created by applied movement. In this webinar, the benefits of the Opera software in the design and simulation of these devices will be [...] Posted in Linear Motion

Electromagnetic simulation helps loudspeaker technology pioneer maintain its edge

B&W makes some of the world’s highest-fidelity loudspeakers, and as global competition increases, the company sees an increasing role for electromagnetic simulation to improve design characteristics and shorten design cycles. B&W targets the very high end of the audio reproduction market, and has a track history of innovation. Its speakers are widely used in recording […]

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Electromagnetic simulation advance helps electrical machinery designers to achieve ultimate efficiency

Vector Fields, has extended the accuracy of its Opera electromagnetic simulator for electrical machinery applications with a new finite-element hysteresis solver for soft magnetic materials. Believed to be unique, the new Hysteresis Solver provides designers of motors, generators and other electrical machinery with an accurate means of accounting for losses and predicting performance changes due […]

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