Magnetic Gearing

Characterising lifecycle behaviour of permanent magnets is critical to emergent electrical machine applications

Permanent magnet materials are now being used in many designs of new electrical machine applications, and a lot of this equipment will be expected to have long lifecycles. If performance and lifecycle targets are to be met, then detailed characterisation at the design stage using advanced electromagnetic and multiphysics simulation technology will be critical.

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Electromagnetic simulation advance helps electrical machinery designers to achieve ultimate efficiency

Vector Fields, has extended the accuracy of its Opera electromagnetic simulator for electrical machinery applications with a new finite-element hysteresis solver for soft magnetic materials. Believed to be unique, the new Hysteresis Solver provides designers of motors, generators and other electrical machinery with an accurate means of accounting for losses and predicting performance changes due […]

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Electromagnetic Simulator Cuts Time to Market for Pioneering Magnetic Drive Technologies

Advanced modelling capabilities in the Opera electromagnetic simulator are helping Magnomatics to bring ground-breaking magnetic power transmission innovations to market. A recent spin-out from the University of Sheffield, Magnomatics is currently working with numerous organisations on magnetic gearing and power transmission applications. Among the advantages of its magnetic linkage technology are long maintenance-free lifecycles, very […]

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