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Engineers and designers tell their Opera stories

In this short video a range of engineers and designers from companies such as CERN, Romax Technology and Tokamak Energy describe their experience of using Opera FEA Simulation Software, and how it has helped solve their challenges and make their designs as accurate as possible. Explore our Technical FAQ for simulation answers Posted in Charged Particle Devices,Electron Beam Guns,General,Magnets,Motors,Transformer Design Software

How to simulate transformers

Hello and welcome to this short blog on the simulation of transformers in Opera. Starting with the very basics of transformers, in an ideal world different windings on primary and secondary circuits produce transformed voltages and currents on the output compared to the input according to very simple calculations.

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Optimal design of transformers

By Nigel Atkinson With the growing requirement to improve the design of tomorrow’s transformers, many designers and engineers are finding they need to investigate new types of transformer, with higher ratings or smaller footprint. Or quite simply, they need to improve their device’s efficiency. Engineers who have taken their designs as far as possible with hand [...] Posted in Transformer Design Software,Transformers
transformer on Open Circuit

Webinar: Optimizing transformer design with Opera

This webinar looked at the tools that Opera has to offer allowing optimal designs of transformers, providing an understanding of how you can save experimented engineering-design man hours, increase design capacity, reduce delivery cycle and optimize the use of materials. Transformers are regarded as critical components in power systems. Market globalization has led to the necessity of being increasingly [...] Posted in Transformers

Engineering-Oriented Benchmarking of Problem 21 Family and Experimental Verification

Authors: Cheng, Z. Baoding Tianwei Group, R & D Center, Baoding, China Hao, R. ; Takahashi, N. ; Hu, Q. ; Fan, C. Abstract – The paper presents the TEAM Problem 21-based engineering-oriented benchmark family, highlights the new developments of TEAM Problem 21, validates the engineering effectiveness of the eddy current analysis methods and software, […]

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Automated Multiphysics Simulation in Opera-3d Webinar

Opera has been at the forefront of finite element electromagnetic analysis for more than thirty years. In both 2d and 3d it has been possible to transfer results between Opera analyses using table files, to perform multiphysics analyses. It is now, additionally, possible to automatically chain Opera-3d analyses, and easily perform high-fidelity multiphysics analyses.

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Validation of Magnetic Field Analysis with Vector Hysteresis

Introduction   The TEAM Problem 32 paper abstract is as follows[1]: “A test case for validating 2D and 3D magnetic field analysis codes, including hysteresis, is presented. For this purpose, an experimental set-up constituted by a three limbed ferromagnetic core fitted with pick-up coils has been especially designed and built. Unidirectional flux patterns and distorted […]

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Multiphysics Simulation in Opera Webinar

Cobham Technical Services – Vector Fields Software and its product Opera have been at the forefront of finite element electromagnetic analysis for more than thirty years. Opera is a general-purpose finite element software suite for the design and optimization of electromagnetic devices in two or three space dimensions. The software has been in continuous development […]

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Transformer and AC line reactor finite element design software delivers radical new R&D productivity for electrical manufacturers

Provides simple route to design optimization for electrical power industry. The development of new generations of transformers and line reactors is radically simplified and accelerated by a powerful new automated software toolbox from the Vector Fields Software product line of Cobham Technical Services. A new 3D Transformers Environment (TE3D) provides a graphical user interface for […]

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