Engineering-Oriented Benchmarking of Problem 21 Family and Experimental Verification

Authors: Cheng, Z. Baoding Tianwei Group, R & D Center, Baoding, China Hao, R. ; Takahashi, N. ; Hu, Q. ; Fan, C. Abstract – The paper presents the TEAM Problem 21-based engineering-oriented benchmark family, highlights the new developments of TEAM Problem 21, validates the engineering effectiveness of the eddy current analysis methods and software, […]

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Validation of Magnetic Field Analysis with Vector Hysteresis

Introduction   The TEAM Problem 32 paper abstract is as follows[1]: “A test case for validating 2D and 3D magnetic field analysis codes, including hysteresis, is presented. For this purpose, an experimental set-up constituted by a three limbed ferromagnetic core fitted with pick-up coils has been especially designed and built. Unidirectional flux patterns and distorted […]

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Transformer and AC line reactor finite element design software delivers radical new R&D productivity for electrical manufacturers

Provides simple route to design optimization for electrical power industry. The development of new generations of transformers and line reactors is radically simplified and accelerated by a powerful new automated software toolbox from the Vector Fields Software product line. A new 3D Transformers Environment (TE3D) provides a graphical user interface for rapidly designing transformers and […]

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