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Dynamic core length in saturated core fault current limiters

Authors: Y Nikulshin, Y Wolfus, A Friedman and Y Yeshurun Department of Physics, Institute of Superconductivity Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan 52900, Israel Abstract A saturated core fault current limiter (SCFCL) is a non-linear core-reactor where the core is saturated by an external superconducting DC bias source to achieve a low core permeability at nominal AC currents. […]

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3d field-circuit analysis of measurement properties of current transformers with axially and radially connected cores made of different magnetic materials

Authors: Elzbieta Lesniewska, and Regina Rajchert Institute of Electrical Power Engineering, Technical University of Lodz; POLCONTACT-WARSZAWA Abstract We report results continuing the research which looks at the influence of two different magnetic materials in a core construction on the transformation errors of a current transformer. In this paper we consider the behaviour of two different […]

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Measurement and simulation of the voltage distribution on an insulator string

Authors: V.T. Kontargyri, L.N. Plati, I.F. Gonos, I.A. Stathopulos and A.M. Michaelides Abstract: In this paper, the voltage distribution on a porcelain insulator string, which is used for the suspension of 150 kV overhead transmission lines, is investigated. In order to calculate the voltage distribution, a model of the insulator string was set up using […]

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3D Field Calculations of the Modular Transformer Heating under High Frequency Operation

Authors Tomczuk B., Koteras D., Waindok A. Abstract Eddy current losses in the transformer cores under high frequency operation have been computed, and 3D magnetic and temperature fields have been determined with FEM. The heating of the cores and rise in temperature of the windings (vs.time) have been calculated for the two different transformer constructions. […]

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3D field analysis in 3-phase Amorphous Modular Transformer Unders Increased Frequency Operation

Authors Bronisław Tomczuk, Dariusz Koteras Abstract The calculations results of the losses and temperature distributions in 3-phase transformer with modular amorphous core, under two values of the frequency which are higher than the power system one, have been presented. For the 3D field analyses the Finite Element Method (FEM) was used. This paper can be […]

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Engineering-Oriented Benchmarking of Problem 21 Family and Experimental Verification

Authors: Cheng, Z. Baoding Tianwei Group, R & D Center, Baoding, China Hao, R. ; Takahashi, N. ; Hu, Q. ; Fan, C. Abstract – The paper presents the TEAM Problem 21-based engineering-oriented benchmark family, highlights the new developments of TEAM Problem 21, validates the engineering effectiveness of the eddy current analysis methods and software, […]

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