Once regarded as exotic technology, ion beams are now used routinely in a wide range of industrial, scientific and medical applications, from ion beam etching and implantation in the semiconductor industry, through explosive detection, spacecraft thrusters and fusion plasma heating systems, to ion-beam therapy in the treatment of cancer. To address the diverse requirements of these types of applications, a multitude of different types of ion source have been developed, making use of a number of physical phenomena to generate, extract, accelerate and direct the ions. The design of ion beam devices is a multidisciplinary activity, involving, among other things, magnetics, electrostatics, thermal and stress analyses. This webinar describes the features within the Opera multiphysics simulation environment that allow engineers to perform all of these elements of the design process. These features include a full 3D geometric modeller, magnetic, electrostatic/space-charge, thermal and stress analyses, and a highly capable post-processor for data extraction and reduction. Together they form a package that provides a flexible and versatile design and simulation tool.

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