Beam Tracking Simulation for a 9 MeV Cyclotron

S.Y. Jung, H.W. Kim, S.H. Kim, Y.H. Yeon, H.S. Song, Y.S. Lee, J.S. Chai

Recently, the development of a 9 MeV cyclotron for production of radioisotope has been carried out. It has four sector magnet and RF cavity which resonance frequency is 83.209 MHz. The internal ion source was adopted and the central region was designed to accommodate the starting beam. In this paper, the design of the central region to optimize the initial circumstances for H-beam and the study of extraction were described. The electric and magnetic field distribution were designed by electrostatic and magnetic solver in OPERA-3D TOSCA. A numerical code was developed to simulate the particle tracking and used to evaluate the performance during the acceleration in the designed EM field. The beam characteristics including the beam orbit, motion of the center of orbit, energy gain was investigated forcentral region and the entire acceleration characteristic until extraction was discussed.

The full paper is available here (this link opens a new window).