Eddy Current studies from the Undulator-Based positron source target wheel prototype

I.R. Bailey, C. Brown, J.A. Clarke, J. Gronberg, L. Hagler, L.J. Jenner, T. Piggott, D.J. Scott, L. Zang

The efficiency of future positron sources for the next generation of high-energy particle colliders (e.g. ILC, CLIC, LHeC) can be improved if the positron-production target is immersed in the magnetic field of adjacent capture optics. If the target is also rotating to reduce the energy deposition density of the incident beam then eddy currents may be induced and lead to additional heating and stresses.

In this paper we present data from a rotating target wheel prototype for the baseline ILC positron source. The wheel has been operated at revolution rates up to 1800 rpm in fields up to 1.5 T. Comparisons are made between torque data obtained from a transducer on the target drive shaft and the results of finite-element simulations. Rotordynamics issues are presented and future experiments on other aspects of the positron source target station are considered.

Full paper is available here (please note this link opens a new window).