Design of a Novel Tubular Electron String Ion Source (Tesis)

D. E. Donets, E. D. Donets, E. E. Donets, V. M. Drobin, A. V. Shabunov, Yu. A. Shishov, V. B. Shutov, E. M. Syresin, L. Liljeby, A. E. Dubinov, R. M. Garipov, I. V. Makarov

The project started in 2007 is aimed at creating a Tubular Electron String Ion Source (TESIS) and to studying an electron string in the tubular geometry. The collaboration consists of JINR (Dubna) and the Russian Federal Nuclear Center (Sarov, Russia), the Manne Siegbahn Laboratory (Stockholm, Sweden), TRIUMF and the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (Canada). The tubular concept of the ion source was proposed a few years ago. Preliminary theoretical estimations and numerical simulations were done, which allowed experimental realization of this project to start. The new tubular source with a superconducting solenoid up to 5 T should be constructed in 2009. It is expected that this new TESIS (Krion-T1) will meet all rigid conceptual and technological requirements and should provide an ion output approaching 10 mA of Ar16+ ions in the pulse mode and about 10 μA of Ar16+ ions in the average current mode. Having these output parameters, Krion-T1 should be an operational prototype of further TESIS sources for possible applications. Simulation results and a basic sketch of the TESIS construction is presented.

The full paper can be viewed here (the link opens in a new window).