Experimental results with the new ITER-like 1 MV SINGAP accelerator

L. Svensson, D. Boilson, H.P.L. de Esch, R.S. Hemsworth, P. Massmann

A new “ITER-like” accelerator, which is scaled down version of the ITER SINGCAP (SINgle GAP, SINGle Aperture) accelerator, has been built and installed on the Cadarache 1 MV test bed. The objective is to demonstrate realiable D’beam acceleration as close as possible to 1 MeV with a current density J- ≈ 200 A/m2 with the parameters and beam optics required for ITER aiming at a near parallel 1 MeV beam of 5 mrad divergence.

The accelerator is designed in such a way that changing from on to off-axis beam steering can be done by a simple transverse displacement of the post-acceleration electrode. High Voltage hold off test have been performed and 940 kV have held without any breakdowns. The first beams up to 850 KeV have been obtained after only 4 weeks of conditioning and the highest current density has been obtained so far as 85 A/m2.

The full paper can be viewed here (this opens up a new window).