Single Particle Tracking Simulation for a Compact Cyclotron

H.W. Kim, Y. S. Lee, B. N. Lee, K. R. Nam, H. S. Song, J. S. Chai


Low energy compact cyclotrons are needed for the production of radioactive isotopes. To develop a radio isotopes producing system for Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Sungkyunkwan University has started to design the system of compact cyclotron in 2010. In the design of the cyclotron, single particle tracking simulation after the magnet design is important to check the quality of designed magnetic field.

In this paper, the single particle tracking simulation for cyclotron magnet was done with commercial program ‘OPERA-3D TOSCA’ and the process of simulation is also described. Model of 9 MeV proton cyclotron magnet was used for example of simulation and pseudo electric field gaps are designed to accelerate or decelerate reference particle. 3D CAD program ‘CATIA P3 V5 R18’ was used to designe the magnet and pseudo electric field gaps. All magnetic and electric field calculations had been performed by ‘OPERA-3D TOSCA’ and the own-made program ‘OPTICY’ is utilized for other calculations – phase slip, radial and axial tune.

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