Status of RFI Linac Prototype

D.A. Swenson, W.J. Starling

A prototype of the Rf Focused Interdigital (RFI) linac structure is currently under construction at Linac Systems. The RFI linac structure is basically an interdigital (or Widerˆe) linac structure with rf quadrupole focusing incorporated into each drift tube. The 200-MHz RFI Prototype, consisting of a short RFQ linac followed by a short RFI linac, will accelerate a 20-mA beam of protons from an injection energy of 25 keV to an output energy of 2.50 MeV in a total linac structure length of 1.44 meters. The linac structures are designed for continuous (cw) operation, and will be tested initially at a 33% duty factor. The peak structure power of 66 kW and peak beam power of 50 kW will be supplied by a 144-kW, 33% duty rf power system. A microwave ion source will supply the proton beam and an articulated Einzel lens will steer and focus the beam into the RFQ aperture. The mechanical design of the linac structures will be presented, the calculated performance will be described, the status of the components will be reported. The prototype is scheduled to come into operation in the fall of this year.

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