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Take a look at some of the comments and reviews we have received from Opera users and customers:

Robert Kratz, Senior Scientist, General Atomics

“At General Atomics we’ve used Vector Fields Software for more than 20 years. Our applications range from ordinary motors and transformers to more exotic ones like liquid metal pumps, induction accelerators, magnetic levitation and MHD generators. Over the years we saw a dramatic development of the Opera software suite like the ‘Modeller’ for developing three-dimensional geometries or more recently the ‘Optimizer’. Also noteworthy is the excellent support.”
“I have been using OPERA 3D over the last three months to model the magnetic field in several large electro-magnet concepts that may be a part of the “Near Detector” complex, as a part of the proposed “Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment” at Fermilab. With the benefit of both taking the OPERA 3D training class along with the excellent assistance from the technical support liaison Yuriy Zhilichev, several models have been produced with different detector/magnet configurations. The OPERA 3D modeler allows the import of CAD 3D CAD models, which helps expedite the overall time spent in producing results.”

Walt Sondheim, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Dr. Bassam Hitti, TRIUMF, Canada

“I use OPERA-2D and OPERA-3D to design static magnetic and electric field devices. I learned how to use the programs by doing the examples given in the user guides, the selection of problems is good and the instructions are easy to follow. The opera suite of programs gives me the tools and confidence to design electromagnetic field devices that work.”
“It’s great. I (and my colleagues at AMAT Varian) mostly use it for electrostatic and magnetostatic calculations (SCALA and TOSCA). Friendly and attractive user interface. Helpful and easy to follow reference and user manuals. Great customer support.”

George Gammel, Varian Semicductor Equipment

Heeju Choi, Electron Energy Corporation

“Opera helps me to design a variety types of permanent magnet applications from military and industry, such as traveling wave tube, gyro inertial device, beam focusing and amplifier, oil exploration, high temperature motor and generator, magnetic coupling etc … Especially Opera has the advantage of incredible meshing features which enable us to achieve accurate data that match well with the testing data. I am very satisfied with Opera software.”
“Because of the accuracy of the Opera magnetostatic simulation performance software’s magnetic length and field quality predictions, we no longer need to incorporate any means of performing post-production field quality correction.”

Daniel Schoerling, Project Engineer, CERN

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