Exclusive to the readers of Engineering & Technology (E&T), and members of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), we prepared a series of webinars to assist with different types of engineering projects. Please browse below to find the subjects you are most interested in, and watch each webinar (or webinars) directly at the relevant link. The IET confirm that listening to a webinar counts as CPD (continual professional development) for members of the IET.

24th May 2017 - Induction machines

In this webinar, we will look at different capabilities that allow the full simulation and design of induction machines. We will also discuss the latest advances in the model definition and solver technology which speed-up the process of analyzing and optimizing this machine type. Watch the webinar »

25th May 2017 - Transformers

This webinar will look at the optimal design of transformers, providing an understanding of how you can save experimented engineering-design man hours, increase design capacity, reduce delivery cycle and optimize the use of materials.Watch the webinar »

30th May 2017 - MRI Shielding

In this webinar, we will show the benefits Opera offers when using magnetostatic analysis for MRI shielding applications. We’ll demonstrate the benefits of the “thin plate” boundary condition, which increases efficiency without compromising accuracy, and how Opera provides the ability for shielded room designers to customize the Modeller and Post-processor using the powerful scripting language.Watch the webinar »

31st May 2017 - Non-Destructive Testing

This webinar will focus on the design and simulation of test setup for Eddy Current testing, Magnetic flux leakage and Magnetic Particle Inspection methods. This will include: transient simulations, eddy currents induced by motion, circuits, mesh layering, modelling using surface impedance boundary conditions and electric insulator boundary conditions, and optimization.Watch the webinar »

1st June 2017 - Synchronous Reluctance Machines

In this webinar we will show how to generate models and meshes for SynchRels simply, and how to automate standard design calculations. We will demonstrate multi-physics capabilities to examine mechanical strength and the trade-off against electromagnetic performance, as well as the simple transition of full 3d data to an appropriate 2d slice model, allowing rapid simulation within the same software configuration.Watch the webinar »