Efficiency of Exponential Deperm Protocol

Yongmin Kim, Young-Hak Kim, and Kwang-Ho Shin

Magnetic treatment of surface vessels and submarines (Deperm) is required to camouflage them against magnetic detection from enemy marine force. So far, deperm has been accomplished by applying an alternating magnetic field of which amplitude decreases linearly. However, the reduction of the residual flux density in the direction of magnetic field is not linear in the case of the linear protocol, since the ferromagnetic material used to construct a surface vessel, mainly Fe-C, shows a nonlinear behavior in an alternating magnetic field. This is one of the main reasons to make an ordinary deperm protocol inefficient. In this paper, we propose the exponential deperming protocol and compare the exponential protocol to conventional linear protocol within the frame-work of deperm performance. We found out that step number could be reduced in the exponential protocol compare with in the linear protocol, because the larger humbers of deperm steps are dedicated in the irreversible domain process region on the magnetic hysteresis.

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