EUGM 2017: Training on modelling & meshing in Opera-3d including interoperability

Applications Engineer, Opera Software

In this presentation we will concentrate on demonstrating some of the new features that were introduced in latest releases of Opera and on showing some solutions to the problems that originated from enquiries by Opera users and which could be of interest to a wider audience. The geometric modelling software has been upgraded to the latest release and provides additional interoperability with other CAD formats. Import and export of a wider than before range of CAD data formats has been implemented. New and existing functionality will be discussed.

With the introduction of a new type of mesh generator there is now a choice of mesh generators in the Opera-3d Modeller. The new mesh generator, Type II, can create tetrahedral meshes in a wide variety of geometries. There are still some special cases for which Type I mesh generator is used, such as creating mixed element meshes (hexahedra, prisms and pyramids). Use of the two mesh generators will be discussed using example models.

Creating skewed conductors using existing built-in elements can be a challenging exercise. In this talk we will show how the use of Python scripting and matrix transformations could make this relatively straight forward.