EUGM 2017: Opera Update 2017


Eddie Moor, Programme Manager, Opera Software

In this session the Opera Programme Manager will outline key updates in Opera. This will include an overview of recent and future developments as well as a sneak peek at some of the longer term projects for the Opera Roadmap, allowing users the opportunity to give feedback and so be involved in influencing the future developments of Opera.

Recent developments to Opera include the move to integrated multi-physics analysis – using a single model to be able to investigate fields, forces and temperature rises and their influence on the design parameters in a range of application areas – plus: advances in meshing technology; faster parallel multi-threading in solutions and post-processing; and using Python as a glue language to unlock advanced features in Opera.

Future developments to Opera will focus on a flexible application framework that is being used to create the new version of Opera-2d, which is due later this year. This will bring about a new CAD-like drawing interface that makes designing fast & intuitive and gives the user easy access to key design functions.