Magnetic Field Design of the Dipole for Super-FRS at FAIR

Q.G. Yao, L.Z. Ma, X.Q. Zhang, Y. He, W. Wu, G. Moritz, H. Leibrock, S.F. Han, D.S. Ni, B.L. Guo, X. Wu, B. Zhang, S.L. Zhang, P. Yuan, W.L. Zhan

The Super-FRS (Super FRagment Separator) is a part of FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research), which will be constructed at GSI, Germany by 17 countries. The Super-FRS comprises 24 superferric dipole magnets. The 2D and 3D magnetic field simulations of the prototype magnet are described in this paper. A passive trim slot and four chamfered removable poles are used to satisfy the required field homogeneity which is better than at 1.6 T, 0.8 T and 0.16 T in a wide elliptical useable aperture of 380 mm 140 mm. Measurement results at various field levels are shown in this paper as well. It can be seen from the comparison of calculation and measurement results that the magnetic designs of the magnet fulfils the requirements.

Full paper is available here (this link opens a new window).