YBCO conductor technology for high field muon cooling magnets*

S.A. Kahn, G. Flanagan, R.P. Johnson, M. Turenne, F. Hunte, J. Schwartz

YBCO superconductors originally developed for high temperature operation carry significant current even in the presence of extremely high field when operated at low temperature. The final stage of phase space cooling for a muon collider uses a solenoid magnet with fields approaching 50 T. As part of an R&D effort we present measurements of mechanical and electromechanical properties of YBCO conductor. We describe a conceptual picture for a high field solenoid which incorporates the low temperature properties of YBCO conductor. We use critical current data as a function of magnetic field and field angle at 4.2°K to establish the operating current and design geometry to achieve 50 T.

Full paper is available here (this link opens a new window).