Particle accelerator systems design at HVE with Opera-3D

Guillermo Dominguez, High Voltage Engineering

Opera-3D has proven to be a valuable design and optimization tool of particle accelerator systems which can presently go up to 6 million volts. We will present recent systems developed at HVE, examples where Opera-3D simulation package has helped improve/optimize the engineering, anticipating the major challenges while shortening development timescales. The parameters of an Electrostatic Spherical Analyzer and the ion source extraction for beam formation design have been quantified and optimized using the Electrostatics solver. The magnetostatic solver and ray tracing have been used to optimize complex permanent magnet assemblies and the design of dipole magnet poles. We investigated higher order aberrations while optimizing as the pole face radius, rose shims and fringing field effects to reduce the optical aberrations to the levels required by the ion optical design. The good agreement found between simulated models and measurements confirms the high value of the 3D electromagnetics computer assisted design.