Electro-mechanical System Analysis using Opera and RomaxDesigner

Dr. Melanie Michon, Romax Technology

The design of integrated electrified drivelines requires a holistic electro-mechanical approach. However, often electrical and mechanical components are designed separately, and problems don’t occur until the complete system is assembled and tested. In particular NVH problems are often caused by interactions between the electrical and the mechanical sub-systems that were not captured during the design process. RomaxDesigner and Opera jointly offer a unique software solution, which provides NVH simulation of the complete electro-mechanical powertrain. Electromagnetic analysis of the electrical machine in Opera calculates the radial force and torque ripple excitations. These excitations are exported to RomaxDesigner through a dedicated interface. RomaxDesigner applies these electrical machine excitations alongside gear excitations to a system model of the powertrain, and determines the system NVH response.

The automated software interface allows ease of data exchange between electrical and mechanical design departments, which is often critical in the design of electro-mechanical systems. By performing system NVH analysis throughout the design process, noise issues can be avoided altogether, rather than solved after they occur, ensuring great savings in development time and cost. The interface between Opera and RomaxDesigner offers a unique simulation platform for combined electromagnetic and mechanical analysis for electro-mechanical systems. The presentation will focus on showcasing system NVH analysis capabilities, and will also give a brief introduction to future joint developments on electro-mechanical interactions.