Dielectric materials are used in virtually all electrical applications to provide insulation between components at different potential. Consequently, simulation of dielectrics plays an important role in all electrical design and Opera allows the user to specify a material’s permittivity. However, most dielectrics are not perfect insulators and have a small electrical conductivity – usually in the nΩ/m to μΩ/m range – allowing a small current to flow in the dielectric. Sometimes this property is used advantageously to provide electric “stress grading”, such as in large machines and power distribution cable terminations. In other applications, it is unwanted as charge build up on the surface of the dielectric can result in perturbation of the required electric field or earth leakage currents. In this webinar, Opera’s capabilities to capture the behaviour of these “lossy” dielectric materials will be explained with some simple examples, and its use for typical applications demonstrated.

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