North American User Group Meeting 2015


Opera users from North America gathered in Naperville, IL for the 2015 User Group meeting, held on September 29-30 2015

The meeting was a good opportunity for Opera users to share their experience using the software and have their say on the future direction of development.

Presentations were made by some of the users attending, including EMS Development, Argonne National Laboratory, Thin Film Consulting, and Tri Alpha Energy. These covered a range of applications, from magnet design to plasma simulation. Novel ways of using the software also featured, with an emphasis on the importance of solving coupled problems.

Technical presentations made by Opera staff offered a good starting point for extended discussions on best practices and advanced methodologies. There was a special interest around the presentations which gave an insight into upcoming Opera developments.

The new link to Python featured heavily during the two days, with users showcasing their use of the new capabilities, while also suggesting more advanced capabilities that could be integrated in future releases of Opera.

The conference dinner gave another opportunity for users, Opera staff, distributors and resellers to have informal discussions and to network. A significant number of the delegates took the opportunity to stay on for another 2 days of training on Magnet Design techniques with Opera, following the User Group meeting.

Delegates particularly enjoyed the informality of the event, which gave everyone the opportunity to talk to more experienced users and Opera staff on a range of technical issues, related not only to the software, but also to more general electromagnetic and multiphysics problems. There was a lot of enthusiasm for the 2016 event, which we expect to be around the same time next year, and we look forward to an even bigger and better meeting that will offer exciting content for all types of users.