Opera-3d Machines Environment

A powerful dedicated interface for motor and generator designers

Select from several machine types, including:

  • Induction (Asynchronous)
  • Brushless DC
  • Permanent magnet Synchronous
  • PM External Rotor
  • Wound Synchronous
  • Switched Reluctance
  • Synchronous Reluctance

Unrivalled Functionality

Build a complete machine from scratch in minutes!

Mesh refinement and model symmetry to balance speed with accuracy where you need it.

Compatible with all related solvers/modules:

  • Static Electromagnetics (Includes nonlinear materials)
  • Dynamic Electromagnetics (harmonics and motional coupled)
  • Hysteresis/(De-)magnetization
  • Thermal
  • Stress (static and modal)
  • Optimizer

Includes analysis to evaluate d/q axis components of inductance (Ld & Lq) along with its cross coupling effects (Ldq & Lqd).

Slicing tool allows a full 3d model to be rapidly solved as a 2d model of the transverse cross-section. This saves analysis time, without requiring a separate model or re-build of the 3d model.