Opera-3d Winding Tool

Dedicated to electrical machine design, the Winding Tool is an application that provides output on winding scenarios which can be used directly with Opera FEA software. The tool has been successful in helping users assess feasibility and optimality of different winding configurations.
Using the built-in Winding Wizard, users can enter a range of slots and poles to understand how a particular slot-pole combination of machine winding will perform. With the resulting data users can characterize windings based on the fundamental winding factor and the lowest common multiple (LCM) of number of slots and number of poles. This determines the number of cogging torque periods per full mechanical rotation.
The Winding Tool provides users with the following output:

  • Optimal winding layout (circular and linear representation)
  • Star of Slots representation
  • Winding factor harmonics
  • Winding mmf harmonics

Winding Tool Diagram