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From electromagnetic simulation that helps loudspeaker technology pioneers maintain their edge, to characterising lifecycle behaviour of permanent magnets, Opera’s software offers designers of consumer goods the opportunity to take their product to market quicker, at a lower cost and with a superior performance.

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Rely on the experience of experts who work at the cutting-edge

Opera contains everything you need & is a one-stop shop for all your prototyping requirements

With the 99.9% accuracy of Opera, you can simulate designs to industry standards as well as save time and money

Find out how Opera helped Bower & Wilkins, makers of some of the world’s highest fidelity loudspeakers

Bower & Wilkins has been using electromagnetic design software for well over a decade. Its first major foray into this area started in the mid 1990s, when the company tried to create its own ‘reverse finite element analysis’ software in conjunction with the University of Brighton — to calculate backwards from the ideal sound characteristics to find a design solution. The huge complexity of this problem meant that the work petered out, but it made B&W purchase its first professional electromagnetic design software, Opera.