Transformer Environment

Transformer Environment

Transformer (and Reactor) Environment

Using the Transformer Environment, transformer and reactor models can be automatically defined, solved and prepared for optimization. Standard configurations include 2, 3 and 5-leg transformers, single and three-phase windings. Support structures can be included. Standard analyses include short-circuit, open-circuit and inrush.

Finite Element Analysis is performed, meaning that accurate results are calculated using true nonlinear properties and representative drive circuits. The automatic output quantities include impedances, resistances, forces and losses, as well as the usual display options for the magnetic flux density and other quantities. The Environment is integrated with the Opera optimizer, meaning that the user can automatically optimize parameters such as core dimensions through bolt diameters.

transformer on Open Circuit

Transformer on Open Circuit

Standard results include:
• Efficiency
• Inductances
• Saturation curves
• Short-circuit analysis
• Open-circuit analysis
• Inrush current/load test
• Switch on transients
• Losses – copper, eddy-current, hysteresis
• Design optimization
• Co-simulation with Simulink®
• Stray field/shielding analysis (EMC/EMI)
• Dynamic forces on coils

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