Graphical User Interface

Rapid virtual prototyping at your fingertips with advanced pre- and post-processing capabilities in an easy-to-use Windows-style interface. Includes a powerful scripting language to provide automation.

Opera Modeller

Opera 3D Modeller

Pre-Processing functionality includes:

  • CAD Import
  • Geometry construction
  • Parameterization and rebuild
  • Automated meshing
  • Material properties
  • External circuit definition

Post-Processing functionality includes:

  • Field values (contours & vectors on 3d geometry surfaces, contours & vectors on arbitrary planar, cylindrical and spherical 2d surfaces, Graphs along lines, circles and arcs in 3d space, Iso-surfaces, export to text files)
    Post-processing graph

    Opera Post-Processor

  • Integrated values (force & torque, energy & power, line, surface and volume integrals, Q-factor)
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Deformed shapes
  • Charged particle tracking (display on geometry, intersection with surfaces, beam current density maps)

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