Graphical User Interface

Rapid virtual prototyping at your fingertips with advanced pre- and post-processing capabilities in an easy-to-use Windows-style interface. Includes a powerful scripting language to provide automation.

Components or assemblies can be imported from an existing CAD system, or created using Opera’s built-in 2D sketcher, or 3D Modeller with its powerful industry-standard geometry kernel.

A key advantage of Opera is the ability to define any dimension of a model as a parameter. This allows the user to perform “what-if?” investigations and fully optimize the design.

The Opera model file contains a complete history of the commands that created it enabling files to be ‘replayed’ and modified – providing a template that can be used to automate the design variations of standard products.

Opera Modeller

Opera 3D Modeller

Pre-Processing functionality includes:

  • CAD Import (2D includes DXF, 3D includes CATIA, NX, Pro-Engineer, Solidworks, STEP, Parasolid, SAT, IGES)
  • Geometry construction (Boolean operations, Swept faces, Loft between faces, 2d sketching, Copy and transform, Background region, Blend & Chamfer)
  • Parameterization and rebuild
  • Automatic meshing (Mesh control, Layering for skin effect and thin sheets)
  • Material properties (Physical characteristics, Magnetisation curves definition & library, Anisotropic property orientation)
  • External circuit definition

After the simulation is complete Opera’s post-processor simplifies the analysis of the results. As well as displaying the field, temperature or stress, there are numerous functions to prepare and display derived quantities in forms and units familiar to the user (including forces, power loss, stored energy), and also to compute and display particle trajectories through the computed electric and magnetic fields.

Post-processing graph

Opera Post-Processor

Post-Processing functionality includes:

  • Field values (contours & vectors on 3d geometry surfaces, contours & vectors on arbitrary planar, cylindrical and spherical 2d surfaces, Graphs along lines, circles and arcs in 3d space, Iso-surfaces, export to text files)
  • Integrated values (force & torque, energy & power, line, surface and volume integrals, Q-factor)
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Deformed shapes
  • Charged particle tracking (display on geometry, intersection with surfaces, beam current density maps)

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