Build simulation models quickly

Components and assemblies can be imported from an existing CAD system or alternatively be created using Opera’s built-in pre-processing capabilities. A key feature of Opera is its ability to define any dimension of a model as a parameter, allowing the user to perform ‘what-if?’ investigations and optimize the design model. The Opera model file contains a complete history of the commands that created the database enabling files to be ‘replayed’ and modified – this then delivers a template that is able to automate the design variations of standard products.

Solve problems accurately and quickly

Opera’s solvers have been designed and refined over the decades to be efficient, robust and as accurate as computing resources allow. Modern compute resources, with multiple cores, are ideal for solving either large single-physics or complex multiphysics problems as multi-threaded solutions.

Interrogate results efficiently

Once the simulation is complete Opera’s post-processor simplifies the analysis of the results. As well as displaying the field, temperature or stress, there are numerous functions to prepare and display derived quantities in forms and units familiar to the user (including forces, power loss, stored energy). The post-processor has application-specific capabilities such as being able to compute and display particle trajectories through the computed electric and magnetic fields.

Optimize designs routinely

Refining designs is easy – you can manually change parameters, rebuild your model and view the effects. This action can be performed automatically using our optional Optimizer module. Optimization problems can be set in minutes, and the computer left to work out the best solution for one, or multiple goals. The Optimizer can save an enormous amount of the normal design effort needed to realise a company’s design goals – whether they are lowest cost, highest performance, simplest to manufacture, smallest size (or any other parameters).

Automate your design process easily

Opera allows you to set up ‘macros’, to automate your design process. You can create, run and analyse your designs with user-defined dialogs and menus for entering dimensions, material properties and simulation options.

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