Opera Optimizer

Opera Optimizer module for product design

The Opera Optimizer is a software tool which can assist users in achieving optimal designs. It is fully integrated with Opera and enables quick and easy investigations of possible design spaces for multiphysics problems. It uses an efficient optimization algorithm that combines deterministic and stochastic methods that is used to solve single and multi-objective optimization problems.

Optimization problems are easily defined using:
• Design variables, along with numerical limits
• Inequality and equality constraints
• Objective functions and whether they are to be minimized or maximized

The optimization process itself can be controlled by means of:
• Termination criteria for the optimization algorithm
• Design of the initial population distribution
• Set of solution databases to keep

optimizer-graphicOptimization problems can be set in minutes, and the computer left to work out the best solution for one, or multiple goals. The Optimizer saves an enormous amount of the normal design effort needed to realise a company’s design goals – whether they are lowest cost, highest performance, simplest to manufacture, smallest size (or any other parameters). Possible applications include optimization of electrical machine performance such as torque or torque ripple, homogeneity of magnets, material selection in transformers, focussing of charged particle beams or sizing of MRI shielding.


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