Solution Modules

Opera Multiphysics

Opera Multiphysics

Opera is the ultimate electromagnetic-led multiphysics design automation tool. Opera’s solvers have been designed and refined over the decades to be efficient, robust and as accurate as computing resources allow. Modern compute resources, with multiple cores, are ideal for solving either large single-physics or complex multiphysics problems as multi-threaded solutions.

Each branch of physics has been developed to offer accurate and efficient solutions. Transfer of results quantities between physics can be automated and chained to solve multiphysics problems accurately.

We have a wide range of analysis modules that provide ready-to-use solutions for specific problems. To find out more information on the analysis modules and download their datasheet, click on the specific module below.


  • Charged Particle Module – can be used to calculate the interaction of charged particle beams and plasmas with electrostatic and magnetostatic fields.





  • Motional Analysis Module – can be used to calculate time varying electromagnetic fields and eddy current flow in EM devices and systems.





  • Stress Analysis Module – can be used to calculate either displacements, strains and stresses due to external forces, or eigenmodes and natural frequencies of an unloaded structure.



  • Superconducting Quench Module – can be analyzed using the Opera integrated suite of finite element (FE) software for electromagnetic device simulation.



  • Thermal Analysis Module – can be used to calculate temperature, heat-flux, and thermal-gradient fields due to electromagnetic heating or external heat sources.


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