lossy dielectric

fields around a lossy dielectric material

The Opera Static Electromagnetics Module computes magnetostatic and electrostatic fields or DC current flow in two or three dimensions. It uses the FE method to solve Maxwell’s equations for the static case in a discretized model.

The program uses an iterative solution technique to calculate the potential at each node of the mesh. This method is memory-efficient and computationally fast. The electrostatic module is fully integrated with the pre and post-processing features of Opera, allowing parametric analysis of prospective designs quickly and easily. It is also integrated with the Opera optimizer, allowing new designs to be rapidly optimized. Electric fields resulting from charging of low-conductivity dielectrics can be simulated using the “lossy dielectric” option.

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plate capacitor

plate capacitor


  • X-Ray Devices
  • Power Systems
  • Power Transmission systems
  • Scientific Apparatus
  • Electrode systems

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