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Designing Non-destructive testing equipment using Opera Webinar

Non-destructive testing or evaluation (NDT or NDE) is a process used in industry to evaluate properties of a material or a system without damaging it. Some of the uses of NDT are flaw detection and evaluation, leak detection, location determination, dimensional measurements, structure and Microstructure characterization, estimation of mechanical and physical properties, stress (strain) and [...]

Simulating Electromechanical Actuators and Transducers Webinar

Electromechanical actuators rely on electromagnetic fields to produce attraction or repulsion that gives rise to motion. Similarly, electromechanical transducers produce a signal that is proportional to the change in the electromagnetic field created by applied movement. In this webinar, the benefits of the Opera software in the design and simulation of these devices will be [...]

Synchronous Reluctance Motor Design using Opera-3d Webinar

In the last few decades, the synchronous reluctance motor (SynchRel) has been relatively neglected in industrial, domestic and traction application because of the ascendency of permanent magnet (PM) and the ubiquitous induction (IM) motor. Recent vitality in rare earth PM prices and the unavoidable losses in IM’s have renewed interest in SynchRels – especially for [...]

Using Opera Design Software to Simulate Components of Particle Accelerators Webinar

Particle accelerators, such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, rely on electromagnetic fields to produce, steer, focus and accelerate the particle beam. Electromagnetic fields are also used widely in the scientific experiments within the accelerator, such as Atlas and CMS, as used to find the Higgs particle. In this webinar, Opera electromagnetic and multiphysics [...]

Accurate Finite Element Simulation of Conductors and Coils Webinar

Simulation of electromagnetic systems relies on the accurate and efficient representation of electrical conductors and coils. This webinar reviews the ways conductors and conducting materials can be represented using the industry leading Opera Simulation Software Suite.

Virtual prototyping of superconducting devices Webinar

With modern high-temperature superconductor (HTS) materials, and the improved tolerance they exhibit not only toward temperature but field changes, comes renewed endeavour in developing systems that capitalize on their novel properties.

Introduction to Magnetron Sputter Coater simulation in Opera Webinar

The ability to model the interaction of charged-particles with electromagnetic fields is critical for obtaining optimum performance from a wide range of devices, be they x-ray tubes or flat screen displays, ion sources or particle accelerators.

Simulating ion beam and plasma devices using Opera Webinar

The ability to model the interaction of charged particles with electromagnetic fields is critical for obtaining optimum performance from a wide range of devices, be they X-ray tubes or flat-screen displays, ion sources or particle accelerators.

Software requirements and practical limitations of multi-physics and multi-discipline simulations for electrical machines Webinar

Electromagnetic designers of electrical motors and generators in industrial organizations are increasingly examining the behaviour of the machine in multi-physics and multi-discipline scenarios.

Introduction to Magnet Design using Opera Webinar

Opera, has long been regarded as the industry-standard for use in Magnet design. Growing from our roots in electromagnetic analysis we now offer a full multiphysics capability, deployed in a modular cost-effective form.

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