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Internet of Things quiz

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Focussing Magnets for Drift Tube Linac

Authors: Vikas Teotia , Sanjay Malhotra , Kumud Singh , U.Mahapatra , S.Bhattacharya , G.P.Srivastava2 Shweta Roy , Piyush Jain , P. Singh and S. Kailas Abstract: A linear accelerator comprising of Radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) and drift tube linac (DTL) is being developed at BARC. The Alvarez type CW DTL accelerates protons from energy […]

Electromagnetic design and development of a combined function horizontal and vertical dipole steerer magnet for medium energy beam transport line

Authors: Singh, Kumud (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Itteera, Janvin (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Ukarde, Priti (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Teotia, Vikas(Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Kumar, Prashant (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Malhotra, Sanjay (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Taly, Y.K. (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai […]

Design and development of permanent magnet based focusing lens for J-band klystron

Authors: Kumud Singh, Janvin Itteera and Priti Ukarde, all at Control Instrumentation Division, Bhabha Atomic research Centre, Mumbai, India Abstract: Applying permanent magnet technology to beam focusing in klystrons can reduce their power consumption and increase their reliability of operation. Electromagnetic design of the beam focusing elements, for high frequency travelling wave tubes, is very critical. The […]

Opera-3d used to help pioneer fusion energy company

When Tokamak Energy Ltd. began a project to conduct pioneering work in the important field of fusion energy, in order to develop advanced, more compact fusion machines (tokamaks), they turned to Opera from Cobham. With Opera’s sophisticated electromagnetic design software they were able to resolve some critical issues as part of a fascinating engineering challenge. The [...]

IoT and the future of the automotive industry (part 1)

By Joe Couling The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technological revolution of such magnitude that it’s difficult to grasp. Fully realised, the IoT represents total connectivity. This means a vast network of smart devices relaying information to one another and adapting in an instantaneous feedback loop. This has profound implications for every sector not least [...]

IoT and the future of the automotive industry (part 2)

Ford is embracing the potential for new revenue models with FordPass and is manoeuvring itself to become part of its customer’s lives outside of the immediate context of the driving experience. The FordPass app already allows users to do things like pay for their parking in advance and request roadside assistance but IoT technology could [...]

MRI main field magnets

Authors: Johan Overweg, Philips Research, Hamburg, Germany Abstract: MRI scanners come in various shapes and they are based on several distinctly different technologies to create the static background field (B0). Whatever the shape and the technology, all B0 magnets for MRI have in common that they generate a strong field, which has, within narrow tolerances, […]

Optimal design of transformers

By Nigel Atkinson With the growing requirement to improve the design of tomorrow’s transformers, many designers and engineers are finding they need to investigate new types of transformer, with higher ratings or smaller footprint. Or quite simply, they need to improve their device’s efficiency. Engineers who have taken their designs as far as possible with hand [...]

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