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Kinetic Plasma Simulation of Ion Beam Extraction From an ECR Ion Source

Abstract – Designing optimized ECR ion beam sources can be streamlined by the accurate simulation of beam optical properties in order to predict ion extraction behavior. The complexity of these models, however, can make PIC based simulations time-consuming. In this paper, we first describe a simple kinetic plasma finite element simulation of extraction of a […]

Improvements In Low Power, End-Window, Transmission-Target X-Ray Tubes

End-window transmission-target X-ray tubes are designed for very close anode-to-sample coupling for compact portable XRF instruments. Several recent improvements have been achieved to make these tubes considerably brighter, with better output stability and even smaller size and lower power consumption for handheld instrumentation.

Design, Performance, and Applications of a Hybrid X-Ray/MR System for Interventional Guidance

Abstract – Image-guided minimally invasive procedures have made a substantial impact in improving patient management, reducing the cost, morbidity, and mortality of treatments and making therapies available to patients who would otherwise have no option. X-ray fluoroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are two powerful tools for guiding interventional procedures but with very different strengths […]

Design and analysis of a thermionic SEM column using 3D finite element analysis

Abstract – The present study covers the design and analysis of a thermionic scanning electron microscope (SEM) column. The SEM column contains an electron optical system in which electrons are emitted and moved to form a focused beam, and this generates secondary electrons from the specimen surfaces, eventually making an image. The electron optical system […]

Compensation of space charge for positive ion beams using electron injection and confinement in nonuniform magnetic fields

Abstract – Transportation of a low energy ion beam, as required by advanced implantation systems, is difficult due to space charge that makes the beam to diverge. Compensation of space charge may be obtained through electron injection and confinement. The article presents the computer simulated results obtained with the OPERA3D/TOSCA/SCALA commercial software package.

Analysis of space charge field of sheet electron beam for compact high power and high frequency microwave devices

Abstract – Importance of sheet beam technology and role of space charge field analysis for success of this technology have been studied. Space charge field of sheet electron beam has been investigated in three approaches. At first a simplified infinite width sheet and line model are given to investigate nature of variation of field, then […]

An Improved Beam Screen For The LHC Injection Kickers

Abstract – The two LHC injection kicker magnet systems must produce a kick of 1.3 T.m with a flattop duration variable up to 7860 ns, and rise and fall times of less than 900 ns and 3000 ns, respectively. Each system is composed of two resonant charging power supplies (RCPSs) and four 5 O transmission […]

A Seperated Sector Cyclotron For The Production of High Intensity Protons

Abstract – We describe in this paper the design of a separated sector cyclotron (SSC) for the production of an intense beam of 230 MeV protons. The goal was an accelerator that could be used as the driver of an ISOL type Radioactive Ion Beam Facility.

Use of Advanced Scripting Language in the Modelling of Dynamic Systems

Authors Christopher P. Riley, Alexandros M. Michaelides Abstract – This paper describes how state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis (FEA) programs can be used to characterise the dynamic performance of linear electrical machines and actuators. Special emphasis is placed on the use of an advanced scripting language for the characterisation of the mechanical load coupled to the […]

Permanent Magnet (De-) Magnetization and Soft Iron Hysteresis Effects – A comparison of FE analysis techniques

Authors A.M. Michaelides, J. Simkin, P. Kirby and C.P. Riley Abstract – The paper describes advanced Finite Element Analysis solvers for the treatment of material magnetization. The prediction of hysteretic behaviour in soft ferromagnetic materials is outlined, demonstrating how remanent forces and hysteresis loss can now be accurately quantified. Results from analysis of a hysteresis […]

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